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I would love to hear from readers!  I promise I am not one of those psychotic writers who take offense to criticism and stalk you until you need to call the cops (sadly, that really has happened).  All that I ask is that the criticism (if you feel the need for it) be constructive and not just mean and hurtful.  That will get you blocked.

On the other hand, praise is ALWAYS welcome (who doesn't like being adored, right?).  Also, if you are interested in having your copy of any of my books signed you can message me and I will message back with my address.  

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Book Reviews
If you do happen to pick up one of my books, please remember to review it as well.  Reviews not only fuel an author’s ego (they do that, too), but they also tell other readers that the book is worth giving a try.  The more reviews that are left, the higher the likelihood that other readers will pick up the book.  So please remember to review the books you read.  Not just mine, but all books.  It really is a nice thing to do.