Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Writing in Chunks!

I'm sure you guys have noticed that I've been spending a lot of time lately discussing my muse and how hard it is to keep it in line.  My muse often comes and goes when it feels like it and I am always looking for a way to force it to stick around for a little while.

Well this week I attended a workshop taught by the AMAZING Allie Pleiter about her book "The Chunky Method Handbook".

The workshop seriously blew me away.  I was able to discover what kind of writer I was (according to the "Chunky Method") and how best to maximize by productivity.  Part of the method involved learning how to actually give your muse "marching orders".  Imagine me actually being able to tell my muse when I wanted to work and how long!

I won't give away too much about the workshop, but I will say, BUY THE BOOK! (  And then after you've bought the book, join her newsletter and access her resource library.  There are so many amazing author tools in there that I am seriously starting to put into use.  

Thank you Allie for the workshop that I really needed.

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