Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Tips for Productivity (When It Won't Come)

When you have a big job to do, how do you get in the right headspace to do it?  Does it come naturally to you or are you easily distractible (like me!) and need to have a set, quiet place to do your work?

There are so many things that decide what is and isn’t productive at any moment of the day, and I usually don’t care whether my productivity is writing based or not.  Until it needs to be and I can’t get myself into a headspace to actually write.

Luckily I have several ways that help me out (and most of them work in the end):

1)     Start diffusing Peppermint or Lemon Oils to get my head clear and happy.  There isn’t anything magical per se about these two oils beyond the fact that they are my favorite smells, but Lemon is known for its relaxing properties and help with memory loss.

2)      I open a window and let fresh air in.  Yes, I do this while diffusing, too.  It drives my husband crazy, but the smells and presence of fresh air relaxes me.

3)      I put on noise cancelling ear buds.  No music.  No audio at all.  Just blessed silence…or the sound of me talking to myself as a work my way through a scene.

4)      I start word vomiting.  It isn’t my favorite method of writing, but sometimes I just need to get my fingers moving.  I’ll pick a scene that isn’t connected to the last thing that I wrote and give myself ten minutes to just write as many words as I can on that scene.  Afterward I’ll go back and look at the place I was before and see if I’ve got my writer’s block out of my system.

5)      I use Freedom.  It’s an App that Julia Quinn turned me on to a few years ago.  It turns off all or some of your internet accessibility for a set amount of time so you can just focus on writing.  I have found that this comes in handy for solo word sprints as it uses a hidden timer function that only pops up when the timer goes off.

Now that you all know my secrets, I am off to use a few of them to coax my muse out of hiding.

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