Thursday, May 28, 2020

Finish the Sentence!!!

Continuing on with the theme of "Writing While Distracted"...

Have you ever been so in the zone that the words seem to be flowing out of your fingers rather than your brain?  This is how I get on Monday's when I participate in my Virtual Writing Social.  For thirty minutes I forget about where I am and what happened during the day and simply write whatever I am working on that week.  It is a glorious feeling and rarely do I fail in getting at least 500 words clocked of during these sessions.

The down side?  When the thirty minutes is up and we are called away from our writing, it can be disappointing to walk away from your muse.  My muse is pretty finicky and doesn't really like to be "called upon" on a whim.  They (yes my muse is non-binary) is either ready to write, or they're not.  

This past Monday I was super into my writing.  I had a bumpy start, but my muse decided about 5 minutes in that they were willing to do their work and had me pumping out 700 words by the end of the 30 (really 25) minutes.  When the music to end out writing popped up I was shocked out of my writing and my muse fled in fear that I would chain them to my computer or something.  

I reported my words, made my goals for the next week and then shut my computer for the night.  Since my muse was gone, I wasn't going to sit around banging my head against the desk for any longer.  The next day, when I went to open my laptop and continue on when I left off I realized that I had made the biggest mistake a writer could make.


And it wasn't even a very telling sentence either.  Just the words "It sounded a lot"...  What the heck was I supposed to do with that?  I went back and read the previous paragraph, and then the one before that.  I read the whole chapter up until that point, but still nothing occurred to me as to what I could have been thinking about at the time.

Currently my muse is playing hide and seek with me and has yet to give me a glimmer of inspiration as to how to fix this problem, so I am now forced to do the unthinkable...  I am going to have to delete that half a sentence and come at it from a new angle.  (It was the Mailman's idea, so blame him!)

I'm sure I'll be able to coax my muse out of hiding at some point today or tomorrow...hopefully...because seriously I have like 4.5k words left toward my weekly goal!  Until then I just be over here throwing words at the paper until something sticks.

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