Tuesday, May 12, 2020

A New Adventure with Lots of Promise

Sometimes you don't know when life is going to throw something in your lap that just...works.  A couple years ago I wrote an Erotic Romance on a sort of Challenge/Dare with one of my writer friends.  I was having difficulty with intimate scenes and she pretty much challenged me to write an entire book that contained a sex scene in every chapter.  I wrote it as part of Nanowrimo 2018, but then I just left it.  No edits.  No going back.  I figured I would publish it one day when I was ready.  But I wasn't in a space that I could think about it right then.

Fast forward to March 2020.  So many things happened all at once that even a couple of months removed it is hard to make sense of it all.  Of course the biggest event was the Covid-19 Pandemic that has shut down all schools in the U.S., forcing me to work from home on top of making sure my two less than focused boys got their own education.  

In the middle of all of this the tragic news came that my Grandmother was dying.  My family called in the troops and we all came marching like good little soldiers to the bedside of our beloved matriarch.  We all took turns sitting with her and making sure she was never alone during this difficult time, but as happens at all sickbeds, there is a lot of down time when the patient is sleeping.

It was during this down time that I clicked on the Erotic Romance and decided that the time had finally come.  I started editing.  And editing.  And editing.  For hours at a time I sat pouring over this story and making it what I figured it should be.

Then on March 27th, near midnight, I pressed publish.  The next day, on March 28, 2020  I Know You, my very first title under Christina McGaughey came into the world, and my darling Grandma left it.

I chose the name because that was my Grandmother's maiden name.  She was one of my very first readers when I first started publishing, so I wanted to honor her.  I told her before she got too sick what I was going to do, and she laughed, saying "You should probably spell it correctly," referencing the fact that her grandfather had changed the spelling of their name after a family dispute.  At her request I returned the name to its original spelling.

In the days following, I started creating logos and thinking along the lines of rebranding.  I figured all of that would be in the future though.  This was just a way to mourn and get through some tough times.  This was all about me grieving.  

Except, something else happened.  I Know You started selling.  People started reading it, and enjoying it, and recommending it.  I even got a 5-star review!  Suddenly I was faced with the idea of having two brands to juggle and no clear path to promote both.  Thus my decision to combine them under the "Chris Mac Romance" brand.

I will still be writing books under Chris McFarland, in fact I am currently working on Jenny and Aidan's book, but hopefully, if you like your romance spicy and a little bit different, you will give my Christina McGaughey books a try.

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