Thursday, March 3, 2016

Welcome! 2016 Is Gonna Be A Great Year!

Thanks for stopping by my site.  I'm really energized for this year and can't wait for everything that is in store for my characters and Fortune County.

On March 15th, I am dropping Finding the Way Home, which is Book Two in the Marshalls of Fortune County Saga.  We will finally learn what happened to Jake and why he left town for so long.  There will also be several new characters introduced whom we will meet again and again as the world of Fortune County expands to even greater dimensions.

Thanks to my unfortunate delays my release schedule for the Novellas is completely skewed, but I am hoping we will be back on track for Marshalls Book Three in the Fall.  In the meantime, coming in May 2016 is Heroic Choices, my third contribution to the Fortune County Novellas series.  This will be Brian Whitely's story, which will be followed up in July 2016 by Steven Whitely's story.  Both stories will feature wounded Veterans as main characters, and I plan on donating a portion of the proceeds I make from each of theses stories to Hope for the Warriors, a charity that offers counseling and aid for not only Veterans returning from service, but also their families.

Lots more besides will be heading your way this year, including giveaways and reading suggestions for some of my favorite authors and books.  As I said above, this is gonna be a great year!

Looking forward to seeing more of you,

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